Friday, May 1, 2009

Here comes the weekend again...

...and new hopes for working on the bathroom. I would really like to work on and write about something else but the project is still going.

Updated list:
- Ceiling joints (DONE!)
- Wall joint at tub/shower needs feathering (DONE!)
- Finish sink and mirror supports behind wall (DONE!)
- Paint ceiling (Needs second coat.)
- Paint walls (PRIMED! Decide on wall color.)
- Paint-on waterproofing around tub
- Strip and replace door and window trim
- Tile walls
- Get knee wall top piece
- Tile floor
- Get threshold piece
- Install toilet
- Install sink

Here are my goals:

- Apply wall swatches
- Scrape off gnats that decided to land on the freshly painted ceiling

- Apply 2nd coat of paint on ceiling
- Decide on wall color
- Purchase wall paint and apply to walls
- Purchase paint-on water proofing

- Apply waterproofing to tub walls
- Lay-out wall tile

Maybe a little ambitious but I have to motivate myself. Wish me luck!

I also need to find time to clean up the yard as we have brush pick up next week. The main task is to finish the clean up of a huge branch that fell from our maple last summer.

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