Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Productive Weekend...

...or should I say, weekday. We laid the floor tile yesterday (Memorial Day), or should I say last night, no I mean this morning ('til 2 am!). Actually, my wife laid the tile herself with cutting help from me. The field is done and all that remains to be completed is two wall edges and the toilet area. We worked late into the night and surprisingly the kids didn’t wake up while we were covered with mortar.

The big pain in the arse part was to get the layout lines square to something that would work. It took a few tries but finally worked out and I’m very excited that this portion of the project is nearly done (props to Mrs. Forest!). I really needed this morale booster as we noticed on Sunday that we have carpenter bees tunneling in the bathroom window.

I tell you this stuff never ends, what’s that saying again, “One step forward, 2 gazillion steps back?” Now to figure out the best way to get rid of those little bastards! (yes, I'm a Buddhist)

Stay tuned for pictures...

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