Monday, March 16, 2009

Cool Giveaway!

Once again, the great people at are giving away a cool tool! A Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System. I've seen this before and of course my first thought was "I want that!" What better way to add projects to my list "unplanned to do" list.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Skunk update.

I got home after the sun went down yesterday so I didn't get to setup the trap. Turns out skunks are nocturnal and I didn't want to take a chance with running into the little stinker.

Hopefully I'll get to set it up tonight. Though I still don't have a definite plan on what to do after it's caught. I read online that once trapped you should approach the cage cautiously with a heavy blanket to cover and calm the skunk. And if it starts to stomp it's front feet (a warning), back off and try again later. I don't foresee this going well at all.

I'm thinking - tie a long rope to the cage, tie other end to car then drive that sucker far away. I'm just kidding, of course...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another one for the unplanned list...

As I expected, there is another item to add on my unplanned "to do list."

- Get the SKUNK out of the garage!

A few weeks ago I pulled into the draiveway and saw a skunk running away from the trash cans towards the garage. No big deal I thought because I've seen skunks before and figured it was just out looking for food. A few days later I pull into the driveway again and see the skunk walking in front of the garage and scoot under the door. There was a hole dug out under the door by a groundhog which, I thought, I needed to remove. Well, I guess he's not there anymore!

I searched online for skunk removal advice and decided that trapping would be the way to go. The approaching and releasing is the part that may be tricky or I mean smelly. I set up a havahart trap last night and found it turned upside down this morning with nothing inside. Whatever took the bait was too big for the trap. I may need to go with a bigger trap but I read that if the skunk can raise it's tail, it can spray you.

I will try again, hopefully it was something bigger that took the bait last night and will pass up the trap tonight. I will report back tomorrow...

Bathroom update...

Starting to make some more progress on the bathroom. I've finally accepted the fact that trying to get work done on the weekends is really difficult. There's always something going on, like playing with the kids, catching up with everyday housework and of course - relaxing!

So for the past week I've decided that I would work on the bathroom for an hour or two after getting the older 2 kids to bed. Doesn't sound like much but it's been working out well. I've managed to make progress on the wall joints and last night I was reminded of why I've been putting off the joints... SANDING! What a pain in the A$$!

It's physically demanding and being in a tight space with a tub in the way doesn't make it easier. I hope to have the joints done by this coming weekend and then painting and tiling can start. My plan is to complete the bathroom or at least have a working sink and toilet before April. For those of you that don't know, we started the demo in April - 3 years ago!