Monday, March 9, 2009

Another one for the unplanned list...

As I expected, there is another item to add on my unplanned "to do list."

- Get the SKUNK out of the garage!

A few weeks ago I pulled into the draiveway and saw a skunk running away from the trash cans towards the garage. No big deal I thought because I've seen skunks before and figured it was just out looking for food. A few days later I pull into the driveway again and see the skunk walking in front of the garage and scoot under the door. There was a hole dug out under the door by a groundhog which, I thought, I needed to remove. Well, I guess he's not there anymore!

I searched online for skunk removal advice and decided that trapping would be the way to go. The approaching and releasing is the part that may be tricky or I mean smelly. I set up a havahart trap last night and found it turned upside down this morning with nothing inside. Whatever took the bait was too big for the trap. I may need to go with a bigger trap but I read that if the skunk can raise it's tail, it can spray you.

I will try again, hopefully it was something bigger that took the bait last night and will pass up the trap tonight. I will report back tomorrow...

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