Thursday, September 3, 2009

So the plan was to grout the floor last night...

... and it actually happened! That's right, this is not a joke, I actually grouted the floor last night! I was expecting to hear some clinking of loose tile as I wiped down the floor but I didn't hear it. Or I was expecting one of the kids to wake up in desperate need of a life saving drink but that didn't happen either. So I went for it. I started the whole process around 10pm and finished up at around 2:30am. Yes, I'm a little tired today but very satisfied.

We used Laticrete 1600 unsanded grout with the 1776 grout enhancer instead of water. Part of the hold up (other than loose tile) to grouting was due to Mrs. Forest's choice of grout color. She wanted it to be gray and at first I didn't agree but we all know how that goes. So while shopping at Lowe's for the grout of course they didn't have gray in the unsanded grout. Mrs. Forest decided that we could mix white and black together to make the gray, again I wasn't sure if agreed and my fear of mixing and screwing it up really held me back.

Last night we mixed the two together, added the grout enhancer and it came out looking great! Props to Mrs. Forest for choosing the color and for mixing.

Some other updates:

- Almost done with the window sill, hopefully just needs sanding and match up to the existing.

- Put the new breaker in the subpanel for the radiant heat, still working up the nerve to wire it up. Should be straight forward though (damn, did I say that out loud).

Hopefully, I can keep up the motivation. Next major step is tiling the walls...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hoping to grout the floor tile sometime soon.

I had planned on having the bathroom floor grouted this weekend, but I found some more loose tile. I don't know how I missed them, I even had my daughter help me look (yes, she is old enough to help now). After we ran our fingers over each tile on Sunday and put down more loose ones, I ended up finding more last night.

Everything was ready to go and I was wiping the tile down with a damp sponge prior to grouting. Sure enough I hear "clink-clink." And it wasn't just one little tile, it was a group of three. What a PAIN IN THE A$$!