Monday, March 9, 2009

Bathroom update...

Starting to make some more progress on the bathroom. I've finally accepted the fact that trying to get work done on the weekends is really difficult. There's always something going on, like playing with the kids, catching up with everyday housework and of course - relaxing!

So for the past week I've decided that I would work on the bathroom for an hour or two after getting the older 2 kids to bed. Doesn't sound like much but it's been working out well. I've managed to make progress on the wall joints and last night I was reminded of why I've been putting off the joints... SANDING! What a pain in the A$$!

It's physically demanding and being in a tight space with a tub in the way doesn't make it easier. I hope to have the joints done by this coming weekend and then painting and tiling can start. My plan is to complete the bathroom or at least have a working sink and toilet before April. For those of you that don't know, we started the demo in April - 3 years ago!

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