Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend update.

I made some good progress this weekend and managed to get half of my goals done.

Past weekend goals:

Friday night
- Apply wall swatches (Done!)
- Scrape off gnats that decided to land on the freshly painted ceiling (Done!)
- Apply 2nd coat of paint on ceiling (Done!)
- Decide on wall color (Almost)
- Purchase wall paint and apply to walls
- Purchase paint-on water proofing (Done!)
- Apply waterproofing to tub walls (Prepwork done)
- Lay-out wall tile (Kind of started)

The main setback was due to deciding on the freakin' wall color! Did I ever mention that I HATE looking at paint chips! We painted three swatches on the walls and they all look the similar to each other (at least to me) but none of them look like the paint chips that's supposed to represent the colors. What is the point?!

My wife, on the other hand, loves paint chips and can look at them for hours. I think we have it narrowed down now, again...

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