Monday, April 27, 2009

Bathroom update...

I actually worked on the bathroom this past weekend and made some good progress! I'm happy to say that the joint sanding is done and it couldn't have come at a better time. It's starting to get warm in the house or let me say warm enough for me to start breaking a sweat. And having the spackle-dust sweaty paste on my arms is something I could do without. That along with my allergies makes me a pleasure to be around.

It was beautiful out this weekend and it was tough to stay inside but I did it. So I can cross some items off my list!

Updated list:

- Ceiling joints (DONE!)
- Wall joint at tub/shower needs feathering (DONE!)
- Finish sink and mirror supports behind wall (DONE!)
- Paint ceiling (PRIMED! Paint tonight.)
- Paint walls (PRIMED! Decide on wall color.)
- Paint-on waterproofing around tub
- Strip and replace door and window trim
- Tile walls
- Get knee wall top piece
- Tile floor
- Get threshold piece
- Install toilet
- Install sink

I hope to get some pictures up soon!

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