Friday, April 10, 2009

Update on bathroom

The week started off well and I actually worked on the bathroom on Monday night. A little more sanding and we should be ready to paint the ceiling and the walls. But that's where it ends as far as progress. My wife caught some stomach virus and wasn't in any kind of mood to be left with the kids.

We only have the youngest with us 'til Saturday so hopefully I can get something done tonight and early tomorrow. One tip I do have for spackling joints is: don't worry too much about getting the joint perfect when applying the joint compound - SANDING is your friend and can fix a lot.

So here's my updated list:

- Finish sanding joints (almost done)
- Finish sink and mirror supports behind wall (hopefully Sat. morning)
- Paint ceiling (hopefully Sat. morning)
- Paint walls (hopefully prime Sunday night)
- Strip and replace door and window trim (Sunday night?)
- Tile walls
- Tile floor
- Install toilet
- Install sink

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