Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little Freaky!!

In an effort to finish up the bathroom project, my wife and I decided to do a quick kitchen renovation this past Sunday. The renovation involved removing a homemade base cabinet (not attached to wall), relocating the gas range and moving (and cleaning) a stainless table that had been in the backyard for a few years. Cleaning the table was a breeze since my wife did it! Moving the cabinet out was a little bit of a pain due to all the clutter in the way. Relocating the range was easy but rerouting the gas line is where it gets a little freaky!

I know the first thing that would come to mind when talking about gas lines is the possibility of me blowing up the house. The freaky thing is nowhere near that. Well maybe you could say it's related because it happened when I was in the basement checking the gas fitting for leaks. The fitting is only accessible by reaching between two heating ducts, this also means to get a good look at the fitting you need to stick your head between the ducts.

Now here's the freaky part: I put the leak detection solution on the fitting and stick my head up to get a good look. Since my head is up there I decide to look to see what's on top of the ducts, maybe some hidden treasure or more likely a dead rat. Well it was neither of the two. I turned my head and saw some kind of handle wrapped with duct tape, look a little closer and see something that looked like a hammer to a gun. "No, it can't be" I think to myself. So, of course that natural thing to do is reach up and grab it and yup, it was a gun! It was small revolver and looked like a toy, but it was heavy and I could see bullets where in it. The weird part was the handle being wrapped, almost like trying to conceal fingerprints.

Of course thoughts start flying into my head, "maybe it was used in a crime", "maybe there's hidden evidence around the house", "maybe a murder victim!" ahhhh! I need to call my neighbor who's an ex-detective to solve the crime! Turns out to be a starter pistol, not one that you use when you're starting your life of crime, but one used to start races. Where's the excitement in that? The taped handle is still strange though, maybe...

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