Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update on Bathroom...

Worked on the bathroom this past weekend and last night. I spent maybe a total of two hours so I'm happy with my progress. What was that saying "Slow and steady wins the race?"

Updated progress list:

- Finish sanding joints (almost done)
- Ceiling joints (DONE except for one little screw divet)
- Wall joint at tub/shower needs feathering
- Finish sink and mirror supports behind wall (DONE!)
- Paint ceiling (this week)
- Paint walls (this week)
- Strip and replace door and window trim (weekend)
- Tile walls
- Get knee wall top piece
- Tile floor
- Get threshold piece
- Install toilet
- Install sink

It really takes a lot of discipline to get things done and my lack of it is really holding me back. For example, if I just took the time last night to spackle over the screw divet in the ceiling I would be set to prime it tonight. But at the time, after spending an hour sanding I just didn't want to go through the whole process.

I've really got to get this project done as I feel it is really holding back in all parts of my life!

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