Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bathroom: Starting to lose steam again and only worked on cutting the floor tiles for the edges. Almost done with the sink wall. Thought I could create my own DIY useful tip by putting leftover thinset into a ziplock bag. Well, it works if you want to make bag shaped bricks! On to the next useful tip to be discovered.

Skunk: No luck in the trap, little bugger managed to reach the bait and not spring the trap on Saturday. On Sunday, something ate the bait and sprang the trap but was not available for an introduction. I'm still determined to catch tis thing without buying a bigger trap, but maybe I'll end up catching its babies!

Carpenter Bees: Sprayed the bathroom window with bee killer from Home Depot but have read online that only a powder (Drione) would work. The cost and whole process of the dust may warrant an alternative solution and I'm looking into this product (carpenter bee chamber) as a possible candidate. I also noticed more bees and sawdust at the garage and it may be the perfect place to hang the bee chamber.

Garage/yard Sales: My wife and I really like going to garage/yard sales and always manage to pick something up that we really need. Or at least need at the time that we see the item! If you ever come to our house don't be surprised if you start hearing a familiar theme song (ba-ba- bada).


Mrs. Forest said...

the theme song should be our doorbell ring...

Forest said...

Don't give me any ideas!