Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lot of Progress!

Well, not exactly. I cut more floor tile on Friday night for the edges and toilet area. It's not hard just time consuming, plus getting interrupted by either one of our two boys waking up crying doesn't help. I have a few more tiles to go and hope to have the entire floor down and grouted by this week.

I really need to accept the fact that the weekends should be spent having fun with the family and not get bent out of shape when I don't make progress come Sunday night. The kids will only be young once, the house will always be old and need work!

I did get to install these water hammer arrestors at the washer supply lines. We had purchased a new front load washer last year and since then the pipes were banging like crazy in the basement. It doesn't fill and wash like a top loader, at the start it spins a little, fills a little and continues the spin-fill until there's enough water to do the next cycle. The whole starting and stopping of the water was terrible on the pipes, I tried sucurring the pipes in the basement but that didn't work. Then I saw an episode of Ask This Old House and saw them install some local water hammer arrestors. The ones on the show were different and probably a better system but the ones available at Lowes were the ones below.

Let me tell you these work great! No more banging pipes and repairing future leaks in the basement! The supply valves and pink walls are another story...


Mrs. Forest said...

we got the washer and dryer 2 1/2 years and one baby ago. time flies.

Forest said...

Was it really that long ago? Maybe I SHOULD check the pipes!