Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hope the utility company pulls through.

A few months ago our utility company's tree contractor came to our house to "trim" back the branches of a tree that was hitting the power lines. The trimming turned into a topping in which we ended up with a 15ft stump. The tree was in pretty bad shape and was covered with poison ivy so I wasn't sorry to see it go. I would have just liked to see it all go.

A call to the utility ended with them stating that they just trim back branches and did not remove stumps. Stump!? If I had the skills I could make it into a totem pole! I ended up calling my town and they said they would remove it sometime in the fall.

Well, a few weeks ago the same tree crew came out and cut down the stump. But this time they left a long 10ft section in our yard and three 2ft sections next to, what is now, a real stump. It's been there for about 3-4 weeks and I figured they would come back and remove it. I would cut it up myself for firewood if it didn't have poison ivy vines all over it. Maybe the crew thought we wouldn't notice it in the Forest.

I finally had enough of waiting and emailed the tree supervisor at the utility. I was surprised to receive a quick reply stating that the rest of the tree would be removed early this week. It's Wednesday and we're still waiting, hopefully they will pull through.


Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Forest said...

Post it and they will come...They're here! Woo hoo!!

Forest said...

Didn't finish the cleanup again. The long section is gone but now we have five - 2ft sections next to the stump! I just don't get it! Did they run out of room in the truck?