Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paying the Price for being Lazy!

Last night I spent a few hours scraping the dried thinset off the floor tile that we had put down on Friday night. Of course, the right way would have been to wipe off the mortar as it began to set while we were laying the tile. But at 4am, the last thing I wanted to do was stay on my aching knees and clean off the tile.

I would like to say that after a few hours all the thinset had been removed and the floor is ready to be grouted, but NO! I was almost finished the toilet area, what a B$&CH! I did find a good use for an old plastic gift card though, a thinset scraper. So there we have another useful DIY tip! I'd like to say that the whole reason I left the thinset to dry on the tile was to test out my new handy dandy thinset scraper, but NOPE! I was just being lazy.

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