Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The sink is in!

No, not in the main bathroom project; in the downstairs halfbath. Ever since the frozen pipe incident a few months ago, the hot water had been shut off to the sink. We had a little get together with some friends this past weekend so we figured it would be nice if they could wash their hands with warm water.

Here's the nice little pink number we've lived with for the past 6 years! Please don't flood my inbox with requests for this beauty!

Above: Checkout the painted PVC drain and copper supply lines!

Above: Tight clearance with the door limited the options for a new sink.

Here's the new sink purchased from Lowe's. Everything pictured came in the box, it also came with the pedestal that is not shown.

And here she is in place.

I'm surprised at how smooth everything went and now have more confidence to do the upstairs sink. The old sink came out without any major issues and attaching the new values was a breeze as I used these push-connect valves from Brass-Craft. I'm a little freaked out by how they work though as they are free to rotate while connected and still have fears of coming home to a flooded basement again.

All that is left to do is to seal under the faucet and the drain as I didn't have any plumbers putty and just wanted to get the sink in. Also, the sink has to be secured to the wall better. The bracket that came with the sink just doesn't have a big enough lip to catch the sink. And as the plastic (yes plastic) wall tile compressed from tightening the bracket screws, the short lip became more of an issue as it was pulled away from the sink.

The grand plan is to replace the tile with beadboard, tile the floor and replace the toilet. Or basically remodel the whole thing. But that shouldn't happen before The Nemesis is complete!