Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, let's get back on track...

... to the bathroom.

Here's a layout of the floor tiles that we are going to use. My wife was really excited after I finished to self-leveling cement pours, so she quickly laid out the tiles the next day. We had seen the basket weave pattern in other old homes and decided that's what we wanted. My wife searched everywhere for the pattern but could only find it in marble. We liked the pattern a lot but to do it in marble was just not in the budget. So we decided to go with another pattern.

Fast forward 2 years later, we were in the process of buying the floor tiles and just happened to stop at a local tile store. We were on our way to one of the many "put bathroom project on hold this weekend" engagements so my wife just ran into the store to get a price. Next thing I know she runs out with a sheet of the basket weave! Turns out a company just started making the pattern in ceramic.

Of course my next comment just had to be "Good thing the bathroom is taking so long, now we have the tile we wanted!" That didn't go over too well.

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