Monday, December 22, 2008

It's COLD!

It's pretty cold today, says 13 Deg F (feels like -4 Deg). I'll say, it feels like minus something out there! And yes, it's freezing in the house too. We pretty much live in one room huddled around a space heater. At times I believe we could save a whole lot of money and just move to a studio apartment. But of course we've accumulated so much stuff in our house that it's just not an option. So for now we have a very expensive storage facility. I would sell storage space but I believe that there is a minimum climate control standard that we wouldn't be able to meet!

In an effort to be "green" or mainly to save money, we've searched for alternate heating. A few years ago we installed a pellet stove and it worked great for the first season. Then it just wasn't burning right. At first it was caused by a whole chamber that I didn't realize needed to be cleaned (wasn't mentioned in the instructional video). Then the pellets got wet and didn't burn right. Now the cheap brand of pellets aren't burning right (high quality pellets are in high demand and hard to find). This thing is starting to be a real pain in the a$!

I still believe in the idea or at least want to believe in the idea after shelling out the $$$ to have this the stove put in. Hope to get it figured out soon as it isn't getting any warmer.

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