Monday, December 29, 2008

Another weekend...

...went by and no work on the bathroom.

I did manage to get the tree up by Christmas Eve though. There's nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, keeps things interesting at least. But this year I decided to take extra time to make our non-prelit tree a prelit one by stringing the lights in a certain way. In theory it would save time for next year. Good decision, bad execution!

I spent a good amount of time battling one string of lights that was half lit and another string that just wasn't lit at all. Also, what will happen when I pull out my wonderful prelit tree next year and find a string that's not lit? Test each bulb while battling the hand/wrist eating branches? Or maybe take the lights off, replace the bulb, then just put them back again (defeating the whole purpose of a pre-lit tree)?

This tree will last us for many years to come but the next time (say 20 years from now) my wife asks if we should get a prelit tree, my answer will be "Hell yes!"

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