Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grouting Bathroom Wall Tiles

This past Sunday Mrs. Forest and I grouted the bathroom wall tiles.  I'd like to say the task is done but it's not and it looks like it will take many long hours to complete.

It all started out smoothly, we taped off the floor, walls and tub.

Sink Wall

Toilet Wall

Tub/Shower Wall
We then mixed the grout and applied it to the joints.

Mrs. Forest Mixing Grout
I was a little lax about the setting time for the wall grout.  I think after successfully grouting the floor I figured grouting the walls would be a piece of cake.  As is the case with most of our home improvement projects, that was the first mistake. 

Mrs. Forest and I worked together on applying the grout and I thought it would go fairly quickly, second mistake.  The corners of the walls and chair rail were a pain to grout and it turned out to be almost an hour before I started to wipe down the walls to remove the excess grout. 

It took a lot more scrubbing than expected and a decision had to be made.  Keep on working or feed the kids!  Of course feeding the kids won out, but "feeding" also involved going shopping to actually have something to feed them, third mistake.

By the time everyone was fed and the kids put to bed the grout had a good amount of time to set.  Well, it's going to take a few days to scrape off the excess and get the grout lines to look the way we want.

I did manage to get the toilet in though.  The only hiccup with that was partially flooding the bathroom and water leaking into the kitchen below causing some plaster and old ceiling tile to come loose.

Yes it works!
With ceilings in mind, Armstrong has introduced a new custom ceiling product and are having a giveaway at One Project Closer.  Looks like something that would work in our kitchen.

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