Monday, April 12, 2010

More wall tiles!

We put down Freecycled playmats to protect the floor in preparation for Mrs. Forest to tile the rest of the walls. Of course, the saplings just think it's their new playroom and have that special knack for getting in the way.

We did put the sapling boys to work for a little bit and they had a great time pulling out the spacers from the previous tile. Hope DYFS isn't reading!

Mrs. Forest has been cruising through the wall tiles and it looks great!

Now, I really need to get it into gear and finish stripping the window and door trim and reinstall them so she can finish.
Stripping the paint has been more tedious than I had expected and with every layer of paint I strip I ask myself if it's worth doing since we're just going to paint over it again. I believe the answer will be "YES" but I'll let you know when I get there.

Okay, enough blogging - back to work!


Michelle said...

mrs forest - it's michelle from upholstery class. what a fun blog! your house is AMAZING! i'm so impressed that you've done so much work on it with three little ones. you'll have to teach me a thing or two. hope to see you in class tonight.

Anonymous said...

Michelle - thanks for the encouraging words! It was great seeing you in class last night, definitely one of our more interesting evenings :)