Thursday, January 28, 2010

First post of the New Year!

What better way to start out a New Year than with a new project. No, the bathroom is not done yet but I did work on that a little since I last posted. I think I finally got my first reference line for the wall tile set so tiling can begin soon. At least, in theory!

Back to the new project. While I was at work two Saturdays ago, Mrs. Forest decided that it would be a good idea to work on one of the bedrooms on the 3rd floor. A few years ago a 3'x3' area of plaster fell from the ceiling. It happened during the summer and bugs were getting in so, of course, I QUICKLY patched it up with a garbage bag and duct tape. I didn't plan on that being up for too long but like every other project in our house "long" is more a measure of distance than of time.

Fast forward a few years and here's the plan. We're going to put new drywall over the existing plaster ceiling, patch the cracks and holes in the walls and then repaint and put down laminate on the floor. The room will first be used as a transition bedroom for all the kids while we work on their bedrooms on the 2nd floor.
It's gotten off to a good start so far. On Saturday I moved a lot of stuff out of the room and finally patched the hole in the ceiling.

Looks GREAT, doesn't it? Just kidding, it's just a rough patch to shim the area for the new drywall to go over it. Notice to duct tape residue!

Here are some pictures of the rest of the room. The holes in the wall were made by the electrician when we had the 2nd and 3rd floors rewired, a few years ago.

Wait a minute, didn't I say I cleaned out most of the stuff in the room? I really did clean up but there was and still is a lot of stuff in the room. And that's why I'm only showing a few of the pictures I took, no need to show the mess!

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