Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall to do list.

It's getting cold outside again. Or should I say, it's getting cold inside! A week ago I woke up, looked out the window and thought "Wow, it's foggy outside." It turned out to be condensation on the windows from the house being 20 degrees colder inside than outside! So our house was basically acting like a glass of ice water in the summer with us swimming around on the inside. Only it wasn't refreshing, it was freezing!
Along with the cold comes a whole list of things to do. They include winterizing, raking leaves and keeping unwanted bastar... I mean critters out. To "winterize" the house I plan to continue making the interior storm windows (window link) and hopefully finishing the attic insulation.

For raking the leaves I plan to RAKE, no big surprise there. Part of the reason we named our home Forest Hall is because we are surrounded by trees and every fall the amount of leaves to be raked is just a lot! I'm always looking for better ways to get the job done but all I use is a Toro electric blower, a rake and a tarp to drag the leaves to the street. Can you find the kid in the picture below?

And speaking of critters, the last time I poked my head up in the attic I noticed some insulation piled up in places that looked like squirrel nests. I think it's about time I took care of this problem by finding out where they are getting in before it starts to get really cold. I know I don't want a repeat of the last squirrel incident (squirrel link).

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